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From his first skydive in 1990, Bill Kitchen was hooked on the freedom of flight. He was terrified and exhilarated at the same time, and wanted others to enjoy those same feeling without having to jump from a airplane thousands of feet in the air. What followed from this creative entrepreneur has been the invention of the SkyCoaster, the SkyVenture vertical wind tunnel, and now the innovative roller coaster called the UniCoaster.

Today, Bill is an accomplished businessman and inventor who loves aviation. His long career in private aviation has found him behind the controls of a great range of aircraft from ultra-lights to jet fighters.

Among the other innovative rides that Bill has successfully developed are SkyCoaster and SkyVenture. These thrilling rides have been experienced by all ages across the world and have given them Bill's unique "spin" on the experience and tons of excitement and thrills found nowhere else on earth.

Read an article on Bill and The UniCoaster by clicking the link below:


"FUNWORLD Magazine"
August 2005
PDF - 973kb

Bill Kitchen

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