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Multi-Dimensional RollerCoaster...
You've never experienced ANYTHING like this before

The UniCoaster design allows a lot more freedom and more visibility than other coasters and riders have a full range of motion.

Bill Kitchen, Inventor of UniCoaster, the SkyCoaster and the SkyVenture, two widely popular, successful , innovative amusement rides located in Orlando, Florida, USA.


  • UniCoaster was designed with resort hotels and family entertainment centers in mind
  • UniCoaster design uses a conventional roller coaster-type track, which can be up to 5,000 feet long and designed with the conventional loops, dips and climbs
  • UniCoaster riders travel at top speeds of 40 to 60 miles per hour, depending on the track dimensions.
  • UniCoaster offers Ferris wheel-type seats, which are suspended from an axle that's turned by a large revolving wheel moving along the track
  • Each wheel can be  different colors with different lighting and designs, creating a visually attractive kinetic sculpture as the ride operates

  • Riders can spin their own wheels while in motion to do a forward somersault


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